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… the batko family … { tampa / lithia family photographer }

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… halloween 2015 … { tampa / lithia children photographer }

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… Kinley, 3 months old … { naples children photographer }

Sweet Kinley is turning 3 months and couldn’t be more adorable! Loved to capture this stage for her parents. You want to remember those chubby cheeks:)❤


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… cloudy november day … { naples children photographer }

Simple november day with my loves and their favorite slovak children songs:)

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… Kinley 9 days new … { naples newborn photographer }


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…This girl of mine… 〈 naples children photographer 〉

She was so exited to go to her school in a different outfit than her uniform:) Can you tell? Boho style headband, loose hair, painted nails and all:) Little things made her day… and it made me to pick up my camera. And that’s always good!:)



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… Aydan … 〈 naples children photographer, personal 〉

My boy❤. Still fits in his outfit when he was 6 months old. And here he is, 18 months old. How did this happened?? So happy he has just those cute 4 baby teeth so far, makes him look more like a baby than a little boy for a little bit longer



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… christmas 2013 …〈 naples children photographer 〉

Merry Christmas from our family to yours! ❤
The song playing is a slovak christmas song:)… God bless the whole world and all the people with happiness…




Iphone images… it’s just my right hand. I would be so lost without it:)



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… Ingram family at the Everglades wonder gardens … 〈 naples family photographer 〉


Great afternoon with 6 amazing people at the very cool place… perfect!:)



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… Newransky Family … 〈 naples family photographer 〉



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… flamenco … 〈 personal 〉



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… baby tremario … 〈 naples newborn photographer 〉




Baby Tremario

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… first roll of film … 〈naples family photographer〉



My very first roll of film. I was very nervous as I’ve never shot film before. Had no idea how my pictures gonna turn out and honestly didn’t expect too much from it:). I just got a basic film camera from ebay, few rolls of films ( expired too!), red a few articles and blogs about shooting film, watched some videos on youtube… and started to play around.

And this is what came out! Loving it!




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… aydan 3 days new … 〈 naples newborn photographer 〉






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